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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Den Haag. The Hague.

I must say, that The Hague does not have the same attraction as Amsterdam did. Amsterdam for me was one of joy, belonging, where as Den Haag is one of conservatism. A big contrast between two cities that share the title 'capital of Holland'.
Joe said that when his mother returned to the city, she found Den Haag dreary and drab. and I can see why.

that said, it is still pretty and quaint in places.

a little bit of colour to brighten an otherwise drab street

At times, I feel like a fish out of water, not sure why and for the first time since I arrived in Holland, I feel a need to re-centre my energies. Even this morning at breakfast, I felt 'different' to others. Many were business people on important business in the city, men in business suits with an air of 'distinguished' about them, women in black suits. I flounced in, in my colourful skirt and pixie energy and felt like a naughty little girl among stern grandparent.. afraid of using the wrong knife and fork! I wonder what the elderly gentleman thought when I licked yoghurt from my fingers?

After breakfast this morning, we set of to find where Joe was born. Crispijnstraat 16.  A short 1 kilometre walk from our hotel. Past alot of footpath reconstruction and truthfully, a little depressing at first.

Finally finding the street which he had not seen for 55 years. He was really delighted to see it, it brought back many memories for him..

The fact that it was such a cute street, took away that depression and drabness that had begun to envelope both Joe & I. We then walked along the canal where he remembered Paul, doubling him on a push bike very close to the edge, trying to scare him and then on to an old hotel which his grandparents had owned.

Back along the canal to find a little coffee shop for morning tea and then on to some Museums of art and history..

a lovely long walk around the city centre today,  had us thinking that this city is very, very much like Melbourne.

a kind local took our photo.. the first one together since our trip began

for some reason, this shop reminded me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter.. not sure why, but it did

There are lovely little cobblestone alley ways with quaint shops.
One that I did find was an antique shop full, absolutely full of Mother Mary statues. Oh my lord, I was in heaven. A big one for 250euros, had me wishing that I could buy her and post it home. But I will have to settle on a smaller one.. and rosary beads! A collection.. be still my heart!!

When I stumbled upon this shop front, I gasped.. it was like She was calling my name.. inside, a treasure trove of Marian delights, plus more

I wish I could transport her home, but sadly the postage cost would be more than the actual statue

We had a simple lunch in an eco store and after we went to an eco supermarket, where I was thrilled to find all kinds of organic fruit and other bits. I was in heaven, not having had fruit to eat since I left home except at breakfast. I have developed mouth ulcers, so I gathered some blueberries, almonds and bananas to help my poor immune system which is kinda shattered from all the sugar I have been eating. Some organic coconut oil as well as a homoeopathic remedy for mouth ulcers and I should be right!!

an organic, eco supermarket..

such is the life of a traveller, eating strange foods and often too much.. but oh how those croissants call my name every morning at breakfast time!!
don't forget to click on the photos and you will be able to see a larger version xo


  1. Wow Robyn, what a great day you have had, i am really happy for Joe, and his memories of Paul also, it must be lovely for Joe just now, wonderful descriptions of your days away.xxxx

  2. How lovely for Joe to be able to stroll down memory lane! There's always something bittersweet about being at one's childhood home, at least for me there is. And love the Virgin Mary shop -- how perfect for you! A sign of blessings on your travels, I'm sure.

    Whenever I see a reference to The Hague, I think of the International Court of Criminal Justice where all the war criminals are tried. Perhaps that sombre but important work accounts for some of the vibes you were feeling in the city.

  3. Your posts make me so happy! Hugs of delight.
    Looking so forward to seeing more.

  4. Hi Robyn, I am so happy you are enjoying our country. Amsterdam is overwhelming isn't it ???
    Den Haag is conservative, it is the place where the government is, so that says a lot ; )
    I hope you have a wonderful stay in our country ; )

  5. Loving the photos of your fantastic trip Robyn, oh my the souveniers you must be wanting to take home...just love that statue of Mary, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos