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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Amsterdam - first days

After a long red eye trip of 13hours from Singapore, we arrived in Amsterdam at 7.30am, the day still dark. Our bodies not really knowing what day or time it was. Collecting our baggage, we made our way to find transport to our hotel, we were told a taxi would cost 70euros. So we decided to take a train. Buying tickets became a battle with machines not accepting our cards until we realized that our debit cards would not work, so credit it was. Tickets finally in hand, we jumped aboard a train for Amsterdam Central, arriving in the city to find that there were limited number of taxis available due to a Muslim holiday. Eventually a taxi pulled up and drove us through street after street of beautiful architecture, to our booked hotel. We were both tired by this time and absolutely stunned when told that our booking was not listed. I had booked and confirmed this online back in March, so you can imagine how I felt. The receptionist was apologetic but had no rooms available but she found us one in the sister hotel across the canal. So with all our luggage in hand, we trekked across cobblestone lanes, across the canal to the beautiful old hotel NHDOELEN.

A little more expensive but things happen for a reason, [which I was to realize a day later].
I was desperate for a cup of coffee, so a quick shower and off we went. Back over the canal to Rembrandt Square, plonked ourselves into a chair

and ordered a coffee with pancakes for Joe and for me, a croissant with nutella [and so began the growth of my hips]. Sitting there, watching women riding their pushbikes, people drinking coffee in the sun. I love it. It is cool-ish here, much like home in autumn time.

the streets are like mazes - weaving in and out of everywhere. Cobblestones or bricks. Quaint and lots of character.

After a walk around the streets, we took a trip along the canals in a traditional canal boat

the canals are lined with gorgeous grand old homes and houseboats, which are actually permanent residences for some. All decked out with plants and individual eccentricities

Picture perfect.
we found ourselves slowly falling in love with this beautiful city.

a year later - 2013
Joe and I still talk about our time in Amsterdam. The pushbikes, the happy disposition of the people, the croissants. We loved it and it was a real holiday for us.
NH Doelen was a grand old dame, beautiful inside and out. Breakfast there, was the best of the whole trip and I will never, ever forget that first coffee we had, after a shower on the first day. Sitting outside in Rembrandt Plein, sipping milky coffee and having the first croissant with butter and nutella.
Amsterdam stole my heart. I loved it, unexpectedly, I might add.


  1. Just stunning! Makes me want to go and live there!

  2. Well, a bit of a bumpy start but hopefully there will be clear sailing from here on in! I've never been to Amsterdam so your photos are very intriguing. I'm surprised you had so much energy after a 13 hour flight -- the longest flight I've ever had was 11 hours and I was totally zonked by it, LOL!

  3. Missed this post when you first put it up. I've always wanted to see Amsterdam, and it would be fabulous to live on one of those boats. Don't you love those little lanes and the old buildings, it just heals the soul to be amongst all that history.

  4. I am really enjoying your trip Robyn.xxxx

  5. I am really enjoying your trip Robyn.xxxx

  6. Robyn, I wonder if we were both in singapore at the same time... that would be weird eh? I was there on the 23 of oct and then again on the 28th coming home. Maybe I even 'saw' you without realising? hope youre enjoying your trip - looking great so far!