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Sunday, October 28, 2012

a taste of Amsterdam ~ two days worth

Yesterday, we took a bus trip out into the countryside, to visit the villages of Volendam and Marken. Traditional, pretty dutch villages. We drove through the flat, lush countryside of Holland.

past dykes, green pastures,cows and windmills. Joe is loving this place and I know why Tina and Paul visited so often. It is beautiful.

gorgeous homes with the traditional dutch lace curtains in the windows, with Mother Mary appearing often on window ledges.

neat gardens with a multitude of pots and birdhouses.

We wandered around through laneways getting some inspiration for our own garden back home in Katoomba..

Last night we went out for dinner and more wandering around the laneways, this time in the infamous red light district. No photos, as they are not permitted. It was an interesting experience to say the least

Sunday today, daylight saving ended, so we were awake quite early. More to mess up our body clock. I am sure that Paul had a hand in this 'mistake' in the hotel booking. I have felt Tina and Paul's presence with us quite often while here in Amsterdam.

the day was spent exploring

walking down laneways we found flower markets that sold tulip bulbs. divine.

and then we decided to visit the Vincent exhibition

these are words that I wrote as I walked around surrounded by the masters

"Monet, Cezanne and Renoir. But most touching for me was Van Gogh. I stood in front of sunflowers and felt tears coming to my eyes. I could not believe that I was in front of an original Van Gogh. My favourite painting
The name Vincent leaped out at me, Oh my god I am really here
I didn't expect the depth of emotion that I felt as I stood in front of sunflowers.
I am no art critic but I actually started to cry, overcome with emotion . Feeling a kindred soul in Van Gogh, wishing that I had studied art when younger"

"I desire nothing other than to live deep in the country and to paint peasant life" - Vincent Van Gogh

I want to paint. I want to discover my own technique and sign my name just like he did

There was an elderly woman in a wheel chair being pushed by a younger woman, maybe her daughter. She was pushed up to each painting and sat there, absorbing. Maybe a dream realized before she dies

and with that, we leave for Den Haag tomorrow. by train.

a year later - 2013
I will never, ever forget the emotion that I felt when I stood in front of Van Goghs Sunflowers.
nor will I forget the charm of Amsterdam. It is so different to Australia.. and I find myself at times, wishing we had the history and culture that they do. My home country is very harsh compared to the softness of Holland.


  1. Ooh I felt as if I were with you looking at Vincents sunflowers. Your trip sounds magnificent. Enjoy every special moment and fill your nostrils with the scent of the place.
    LOVE to you and Joe

  2. Robyn it looks glorious. I understand your emotion on seeing the Van Gogh exhibition. I love Europe so much it will always be home for me.
    I'm enjoying this trip through you more than you can imagine!

  3. There is no substitute for seeing the Masters in person, is there? No photo, no book illustration, no film or video can capture the vibrant energy of the actual paint on canvas. I envy you this wonderful opportunity!

  4. oh robyn how exciting! we hope to visit amsterdam one day as we have a dear friend living there. i cannot believe that in a month you will be in my beautiful new forest!!!

  5. Your pics look so vibrant......

    I forgot to copy you travel blog to my blog role, will do that now!

    See you very soon, in the meantime pack all you can into your days without tiring yourself too much! x

  6. Beautiful photos, Robyn! Looks like you're having a good time and enjoying your trip.