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Friday, November 9, 2012

November 7 - Ullswater steamer ride and our last night in Ullswater

sitting on the steamer, going around the lake for the 2 hour trip, the scenery was stunning. the area was once a glacier and you can see evidence of this in the majestic snow covered peaks and tall steep mountains the encompass the lakes. it does remind me of New Zealand also. the lakes district does not have that 'soul call' that further north in the Pennines did for me. But as I said, it is absolutely stunning scenery.

the English people, so far, seem to love our accents and are drawn to chat with us, which is really nice.

we met some lovely people on the steamer yesterday.
3 'older' gentlemen going birdwatching, started to chat to us, asking me to take their photo, they were all decked out with plaid trousers, a cap and highly polished gentleman's shoes. delightful trio. and another couple celebrating the wife's 60th birthday, chatted to us the whole trip. she was one of those women who are a classic beauty.

our steamer was called 'Lady of the Lake'. the ferry is used to take walkers and bird watchers to various points around the lake and does continuous round trips to pick them up later in the day.

that night, we had dinner at the White Lion Inn, where locals were amazed that we had BBQ's or seafood at Christmas time... 'jus no' right' as one young lad said [if only you could hear the accent! it is delightful]. I had mince and onion pie with steamed vegies [carrot, turnip and leek] - an odd combination but really quite tasty!!

and then we went back home in the rain to pack for our next part of our journey to the Yorkshire Dales.

from my journal:
"here at Ullswater, it seems to rain alot, I woke on the last morning to find a dark cloud hovering over the lake, but over beyond the edge I could see a blue sky. I wouldn't say that this is a place that I would want to live. for me, there is an odd energy, not quite sure what it is. the area reminds me alot of Thredbo in NSW, a ski resort. "


  1. "The Lady of the Lake" -- delightful name for a steamer! Very Avalon, Robyn!

  2. It's good to hear the locals are making you welcome :)