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Monday, November 12, 2012

last day in the Dales

when I was planning our trip, the plan was to stay on the coast of Yorkshire at Robinhoods Bay for two nights and two in the Dales of Yorkshire. However, when we arrived we fell in love with the dales so much, that we decided to forfeit our two days on the coast [and we know we have discovered the best seaside town back home at Brunswick Heads, anyhow]...

so 4 nights at Reeth was booked. I expected to walk the moors while in the dales, the walks didn't eventuate as it rained alot and was too muddy.. a poor excuse, maybe, but mainly because we didn't have the seemingly obligatory 'sticks' that most walkers, here, use to walk, not only on the moors but also on the cobblestones and footpaths. we began to call them 'stick people'. Nor did we have a compass or other paraphernalia that everyone seemed to be loaded up with and most certainly hadn't studied Moor walking etiquette... walking the moors sounds alot more involved, complicated and serious than bush walking is back home!
so, we had to be content with our strolls around the villages and our sightseeing adventures along back roads and across hilltops...and eating scones

here are our last views of what is now forever in our hearts - the Yorkshire Dales..
absolutely stunning
nothing more needs to be said. except I have been blessed this past 4 days.

Castle Bolton

the moors, covered in heather

Last night, as we walked towards the Kings Arms for tea, I felt as if I were in a Dickens movie. The cobblestone road, the tall street lamps, the lights twinkling through many paned glass windows, the cold and the light mist that autumn is known for. I felt as if I had a foot in two ages of time.

and so, this ends our time in Reeth, in the Yorkshire Dales. Farewell Moor View, you have stolen our hearts and if I am ever blessed to visit the Dales again, I will surely come and stay.

and now to York....

a year later - 2013
I must say that Yorkshire did indeed steal my heart and I think part of my soul is still there. I can close my eyes and see the moors, the heather and the stunning scenery. I don't think any where else has touched my heart in this way. I am a moors girl at heart. I can see myself with a dog, walking the moors, being with my God. And I still do not regret forfeiting the time at the beach to stay those extra nights in Reeth. pure magic is what I found there.


  1. Those photos are wonderful Robyn! Happy adventures in York! x

  2. lovely photos Robyn my hub and I are currently watching old dvds called Last of the Summer Wine all filmed up in Yorkshire your pics are just like the ones in the series, what an enchanting place.

  3. You're going to be so goddamn sick of scones by the time you go home, LOL!

  4. Not much to say here except STUNNING!!!!